About SOOH

Good day buddy, nice to have you here on Side Order Of Ham, the somewhat different sort of real estate blog. To start with, you probably want to know more about myself. Well, my name is Ronald and I’m just an ordinary guy from upstate New York who decided to start an extraordinary blog to discuss aspects about the real estate industry no one else seems to be talking about.

ronaldYou know, there are so many weird stories going on in my realtor company. But the idea to have my own website about it really came last year when I showed a freshman university graduate around some of the nicest properties of the state. I was really surprised when he first called me up and made me a compliment on my website, how professional it was and stuff. He then went on talking about how much he wanted to meet me and learn more about the current listings I have.

Now, of course I assumed he actually wanted to buy something, so I showed hime all around the place and then, all of a sudden, during our third meeting, he said that he would really love to work with me and help me getting more clients by ranking my website highly on the search engines. I was so shocked! First I thought I totally wasted my time but then I thought, well, I already spent three half days with this dude so let’s just listen to what he has to offer. Well, it turned out the most interesting guy I met in a long time and someone who completely turned my realtor business around. But more on that another time.

The point is, if you have an open mind and listen to people what they have to offer you instead of just thinking you can run your whole real estate company all by yourself, then there might be some opportunities you have never even dared to dream about. And on sideorderofham.com (yes, I know that’s the weirdest kind of name for a real estate blog) I want to share with you these kind of tips that don’t really get discussed anywhere else.

Enjoy your stay dude. Of course I also have a contact page so write me any time you want. Alright then, I hope you have some better understanding what this whole site is all about. I try to keep this a hobby and so you will not see any advertisement on here. All pure value tips on the real estate business. Enjoy!

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